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Dump what you don’t need — you’re trying to hold too much! 😉

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Phase 1, Old Friend

I’ve been suppressing and repressing without even realizing it. To a terrifying degree sometimes. It’s biting me in the ass right now. I’m trying to do something – anything – different to break out of the rut. The friction of that trying and doing are clear red flags to me to let go and just be, as honestly and as best as I can. It feels so gut-wrenching and against the grain sometimes!

I know the best gift I can offer myself is surrender. This dissolving, death & rebirth phase of change is the scariest.  I’ve been here before. I’m prepared to be formless and to grieve the loss of my former self. To care for myself as best I can, be patient and weather this until the next phase of metamorphosis. I will trust the process.

Separating neutral intuition from the pervasive and persuasive fear override can be very challenging for me, never mind heeding the intuition. I invite much-needed practice with this process as well. :)

Below is the Faery Oracle spread I drew for the week later this morning. My reaction to the Monday-Tuesday card was pretty visceral and it felt as though I had been expecting it on some level.

faery oracle card spread for week 7-13 april 2014

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Journal: Intention and Process

Day 1 of UYL has commenced and I’m loving where this is going already. I needed some down time over the weekend so this morning I caught up with the bonus week assignments and then dug into the first day of material.

My first run through The Presence Process wraps up this Wednesday. I will break for at least three weeks (as recommended) and I intend to repeat the process again very soon afterwards as it has brought such understanding, calm, clarity and acceptance into both my inner and outer worlds. I’m not going to say much about it other than to highly recommend it to anyone looking to take personal responsibility for their perception and experience of the world.

I’ve been inundated with very specific messages to create a journal, particularly where it concerns developing faith in myself and my intuition so… here I am, back to journaling and stuff. Keeping records, capturing thoughts on the journey through personal growth.

The concept of goals and I are a bit at odds, but I wholeheartedly cherish the idea of setting intentions. I intend to practice developing my writing voice. This means I will be resisting the urge to edit as much as I can in the hopes that I will find a natural and less constricted voice in here. I intend to learn to go with the flow, to accept uncomfortable emotion as opportunity for growth and take it easy. I will respect and trust my process. One foot in front of the other…


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